About Us

The West Florida Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (WFPHRF), serves the Florida West Coast from Crystal River to Marco Island and all of the Tampa Bay area. The primary objective of WFPHRF is to establish and maintain an equitable system of handicapping sail boats for the boats owned or chartered by its members.

WFPHRF does not use measurers. WFPHRF relies on the honesty, sportsmanship, and Corinthian spirit of its membership to ensure that accurate information on a boat’s configuration is made available to the Rating Committee for review when determining a boat’s Ratings.

WFPHRF rates vessels rather than their skippers or crew. It is assumed that a rated boat will be driven by the owner or his non-professional designee. WPFHRF acknowledges the benefit to the overall competition when professionals are involved in racing and encourages their participation, however the utilization of professional drivers or paid crew for the purpose of trophy hunting violates the Corinthian Spirit and amateur nature of this fleet.

WFPHRF Ratings are performance handicaps, based on the speed potential and performance of a boat. To the greatest extent possible, race results and observations of actual races provide the data used to determine and monitor ratings. Ratings are determined by members who serve voluntarily as Handicappers on the Rating Committee.